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Guadalupe Laiz, Flannery, 2021

Guadalupe Laiz, Flannery, 2021

C+C Photography Gallery invites you to join us for a special pop-up exhibition and book signing at our New York and Palm Beach galleries in celebration of the release of Guadalupe Laiz's newest book "Among the Living, Where You Belong." 

We are thrilled to have photographer Guadalupe Laiz on site in both locations for this special, double event week. Be sure to join us in New York on Thursday, January 11th, and in Palm Beach on Saturday, January 13th.

Thursday, January 11th
3 West 57th Street
4th Floor

Saturday, January 13th
Via Bice
313½ Worth Avenue


"Among the Living, Where You Belong" showcases the magnificent wildlife photography of artist and explorer Guadalupe Laiz.

For this book, Laiz traveled across the African continent for six years, visiting Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Batswana, Rwanda, and Uganda. Forgoing comfort often for months at a time, she returned with intimate portraits of the charismatic and fierce, yet vulnerable and endangered animals she encountered. It is impossible to look at one of her photographs and not feel her subject’s innate individuality. As part of her artistic process, she spends time with each animal up close in its natural habitat, gets to know them personally, and builds a unique sense of trust and respect. 

Laiz's art is focused on communicating the importance of animal abuse awareness, environmental issues, and the relevance of educating all generations to make conscious lifestyle decisions to protect our planet. She has partnered with nonprofits involved in these issues such as the Dian Fossey Foundation, Big Life Foundation, Save Giraffes Now, and Lewa Conservancy for Rhinos, and has engaged in humanitarian work with 4Africa in South Sudan and North Uganda.

Please contact the gallery to reserve your copy now.

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