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Nathan Coe, Breaking the Rules, 2019

Nathan Coe, Breaking the Rules, 2019

Whether he is focusing his camera on the blurring of sand and sea, the slope of a hill or the curvature of the human form, fine art photographer Nathan Coe always strives to align traditional images with the current zeitgeist, often with a sprinkle of cheeky whimsy or deep reflection. Sometimes both. A darling of Hollywood and hedge-fund collectors, Nathan’s limited edition prints have sold for up to $70,000. “Nathan’s work comes from a natural and genuine place. It’s come off as both organic and original,” says art gallery owner Ron Cavalier, who was the first to represent Coe in Nantucket, and then in New York. “His images project both a soothing simplicity and complex undertones.”

Born in England, Nathan Coe studied photography in Gloucestershire. Shortly after graduating, he settled in Palm Beach, met his wife and together they relocated to Nantucket. It was there that Nathan honed his photographic skills as a magazine’s creative director and “the” society wedding photographer. The latter took him all over the world and his weddings appeared in places like Vogue and Town & Country.

But when two children were thrown into the mix, Nathan decided to skip the off-season Nantucket winters and decamp with his family back to his original stopping grounds: Palm Beach. In keeping with his wanderlust persona, and in order to stay connected with his Northeast collectors, today Nathan is dividing his time between Palm Beach (winter) and Nantucket (summer). In each location, and in each season, he looks to produce up to seven captivating images. “Nantucket is a beautiful canvas for photography and it’s where it all began for me professionally,” says Coe. “Palm Beach, while different, opens up new opportunities of visuals and beauty. There is a reason why both these places have been visitor magnets for generations.”

When he’s not shooting with his camera, Nathan is in scouting mode, searching iconic locations (isolated dunes, a hotel pool, a laundromat?) and creative directing in his mind’s eye on how he can bring a fresh perspective to a familiar haunt. This season, he took a model into the Norton Museum of Art and shot a series titled “Art within Art.” His Norton exhibit at C+C Gallery on Worth Avenue is creating quite a stir. “Being in this world renowned museum was an honor for me, as it’s always served as a huge source of inspiration.”

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